A Letter From Black Flag To The Faithful

Look around. Politicians are not our servants. They order everyone else around. Their enforcers initiate violence for disobedience to any arbitrary command. They violate our rights and call it “law.”

They are not our servants. It is a lie.

“A state is the coldest of all cold monsters… coldly it lies, and this lie slips from it’s mouth: I, The State, Am The People.” -Nietzsche

You who are concerned that the temples of State are filled with lunatics are right.
Do you think they will let you just line up, check a box next to a name, and that will be the end of it?
They enslave; they torture; they murder. They’re blowing people up all over the planet, but I bet they really care about the “vote.”

And people call anarchists “utopian dreamers.” I can’t think of a more ridiculous, delusional, utopian dream than the belief that psychopathic murderers will somehow magically have a change of conscience because you lined up and wrote some other persons name down on a piece of paper, or pushed some button.

The “system” failed us. Again. It’s designed to.

It is a lie!
Wake up already.

Red blood. Black Flag.


One thought on “A Letter From Black Flag To The Faithful

  1. Very well spoken. Anarchism is not so much an ideology but reality. Just like atheism is not a religion but the debunking of religion. Government law is not like Gravity, for example. It is not uniform, but instead it is selectively enforced, most people get punished for shoplifting, but politicians can get away with murder. That would be like if 99% of people were controlled by gravity but one person was able to levitate, we would have serious issues when someone then said Gravity was a constant law.

    An easy and simple way to prove that Anarchism is the true state of reality is to ask:

    Are there laws against murder? Yes, obviously.
    Are there murders? Yes, obviously.

    How can this be? When Government has instituted itself to defend against crimes, murder being the biggest crime? (well actually counterfeiting is probably more irksome to government, but this just further proves their hypocrisy).

    People will say, but, but, government PREVENTS more murder. As does my lucky rabbits foot. Try and disprove that claim, that my lucky rabbit’s foot prevents more murders from happening. Sure, there are murders, my rabbit’s foot isn’t all powerful, but it does PREVENT more murder.

    The other claim is, without government, there would be anarchy. Funny, since government oftentimes promotes anarchy since anarchy is the logical, moral alternative to government. And yet, what evidence do we have that things proceed in a logical, non-anarchic way just because government posts signs on street corners? Are we to believe jay walking doesn’t happen? Or no one speeds? No one robs or kills or rapes? No one vandalizes? Government is an illusion of civility, which is ironic since it leads to the most uncivil human action which is war.


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