Confused “cops” don’t understand property rights.


“A new NFL policy bans off-duty law enforcement officers from taking their guns into stadiums.

As CBS 2′s Mai Martinez reports, many officers are calling foul, and fan support for the policy is mixed.”

Calling foul? Seriously? Do these guys even think?
Poor authoritarian thinks he should have more say so than property owner?

This isn’t very surprising, actually.
This is for the most part how every single “cop” thinks.
If they believe they have the right to kick in your door just because you disobeyed a politician or so called “honorable lawyer” scribble, sometimes called “law” or “warrant,” why wouldn’t they think that they should have more say-so otherwise?

If they do think otherwise, if they aren’t some brainwashed authoritarian, and actually recognize the right to property, meaning they understand they have nothing to call “foul” about here, since it’s the right of the property owners, then maybe they should start to re-think their entire “job,” since this very idea is what the entire thing is based on: that they have more rights than others.

So what, us poor “regular folk” are meant to obey the property owner, but these brainwashed cops think that they are something special? They shouldn’t have to be “imposed” upon by the rightful property owners, just because they work for the gang called state?
Get a grip.

“The NFL policy is league-wide. Only stadiums subject to state or local laws that prohibit such a ban are exempt from the policy.”

No, sorry, but youre not “exempt” from being meant to recognize people’s rights. It just means you’re violating them when you act as if you are.
The message here is clear as day, if you have the guts to think about it:

“We are exempt from having to recognize people’s rights. We can ban you from saying we can’t carry our guns on your property. We own ‘your’ property.”

Red blood. Black Flag.


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