The State is A Criminal Organization, or, Why Anarchism?

Red Blood. Black Flag.

1. The State is a coercive monopoly; it must initiate force on non-violent people or cease being a State.
2. Taxation is compulsory. This implies you have no choice. What right does the State have to impose compulsory dues? None.
The State demands you pay and threatens and initiates force for disobedience.
2A. Taxation is criminal if you do it. How can it be legitimate for someone to do something which is criminal? It can’t. Taxation is criminal.
2B. The State exists by virtue of taxation. If The State only took voluntary contributions, if it did not extort (“tax”), it would not be the State. Who would be imposing taxation if there were no State? How would the State exist if it did not have the power to tax?
3. How can the State maintain a monopoly without threatening and initiating force? It cannot. (This is for “defensive monopoly minarchists.”) The State either threatens force to maintain it’s purported monopoly or it ceases to be the State.

The State is a criminal organization.

  • If there were no “police,” and someone was breaking into houses in your area, would you demand all your neighbors pay to have someone “protecting” them/their property.. and send armed men.. the same armed men you claim will be “protecting” them.. to remove your neighbors from their houses by force if they didn’t pay?
  • If there were no public schools, but there was a local private school nearby that you had to pay for directly, would you go to your neighbors house and demand they pay into the school, and send armed men to remove them from their house by force if they didn’t? if you think that is wrong, what about “voting” makes it okay for a politician, “tax” collectors,  and the police to take part in such activities?
  • If the “government” has the right, or authority, to tack various fees for “services” onto a property  regardless of your wishing for or using those “services,” and remove you from property by force for not paying.. who owns property?
  • When “the government” demands money from you for services you never asked for, and/or never used, and initiates force against you for not paying, is it a) protecting you or b) extorting you ?
  • Do you have the right, power, or authority to “tax” your neighbors? To impose or force “services” on them regardless of their wishes, and demand their wealth in payment? If not, how can you delegate this right, power, or authority to someone else?
  • If you vote against a politician, or you dont vote.. and the person you voted against, or didnt vote for, wins and imposes some “law” upon you, when did you consent? Would you consider defending yourself against these impositions to be immoral?
  • If the people in “government” are your servants, why do they demand your obedience under threat of violence?
  • The person on the street, who you didn’t “vote” for, who demands your wealth and obedience and hurts you if you disobey, why aren’t they “the government,” but the person in the office, who you didn’t “vote” for, who demands your wealth and obedience and will send armed men to hurt you if you disobey, why are they “the government” ?
  • If some group was invading, or threatening to invade “the country,” and some group of people, your own “countrymen,” decided everbody has to pay so that “the government” can “protect” everyone, and threatens force for disobedience to this demand for “taxes,” how is that group of “countrymen”  different than the group that wishes to invade and try to control you?



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