“Legal” cannabis producers can’t compete with the low overhead of the free market; growers can’t push their pricey bud

Redblood Blackflag

The free market is once again providing consumers with affordable quality products, while the State’s imposition pushes business people into the red.

“Those include Seitz, who sold his first crop — 22 pounds — for just under $21 per gram”

Who the hell buys 22 pounds at 21/gram?!

“Because of the high taxes on Washington’s legal pot, Seitz says stores can never compete with the black market while paying growers sustainable prices.”

Welcome to economics 101.

“He and other growers say it’s been a mistake for the state to license so much production while the rollout of legal stores has lagged.”

This is a completely backward slave-like mentality. License so much production? So the State shouldn’t allow him to grow so much?

”If it’s a natural bump from the outdoor harvest, that’s one thing,” said Jeremy Moberg, who is sitting on 1,500 pounds of unsold marijuana at his CannaSol Farms in north-central Washington. “If it’s institutionally creating oversupply … that’s a problem.”

“Oversupply?”LOL.This wouldn’t be a “problem” if the State were not attempting to control and regulate and limit the market in the first place, causing the prices to skyrocket.

Source: Johnson, Gene, Growers struggle with glut of legal pot in Washinton state, msn.com


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