Five Points on “Law” from an Anarchist Perspective

by Redblood Blackflag

1. If the law is immoral we have a duty to humanity to abolish, alter, or ignore it into non existence.

2. All law is a command backed by threat of force for disobedience.

3. The threat of the initiation of force, coercion, and the initiation of force is inherently illegitimate, immoral, and unjust based upon the notions of individual freedom and liberty; the idea that humans *should* be free to do as they please providing they do not initially impose or threaten the initiation of force on others.
The use of coercion and the initiation of force is: the physical manifestation of human ownership; slavery.

4. Any law which threatens force on an individual who has not threatened or initiated force is by definition the initiation of force.

5. All laws which threaten force on those who have not initiated force are inherently illegitimate and immoral, ergo, every person in a cage under threat of force for non violent, voluntary activity, i.e., growing cannabis, is held captive illegitimately, as they did not threaten or initiate force, have the moral right to be freed immediately, and would be justified in breaking free from their captors by force if possible.



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