Taxation is theft, but who will build the roads?

Originally written on September 13, 2013, by Redblood Blackflag

Someone recently said “‘Libertarian’ has become an umbrella word for pro-market, pro-liberty individuals.”


The problem with this is a lot of people seem to be implying that “legislation” and “politicians” can be pro-market and/or pro-liberty in any meaningful sense; in any sense other than nonsense, self-contradictory propaganda.

If they were pro market, pro liberty, they wouldn’t be politicians.
If libertarianism is a blanket term for philosophies which uphold liberty as the highest “political end,” then there is only one “political philosophy” which fits this description: anarchism.
The state is by it’s very nature a violation of both the principle of a free market, and of individual liberty: the non-aggression principle. The State claims it is society’s sovereign; it claims it is the supreme ruler.

The State claims “I am the only one allowed to do (I assume one would mean defensive) force,” and backs this claim up with the threat of violence upon people who would only be defending themselves, enforcing their own contracts, securing their own property, enforcing their own rights. Those “vigilantes.”

A “bill, a “law” – or indeed, a “repeal,” that says “government isn’t going to demand as much in taxes,” is NOT a “pro liberty bill,” as there cannot logically be a pro liberty “politician,” “bill,” “law,” command/declaration of “state.”

The entire thing begins with the idea that the state has the right to rule in the first place; that legislation or politicians matter at all. That is why a person who believes in and advocates “government,” so called “limited” or otherwise, cannot logically be a libertarian. They fail to uphold liberty as the highest political end, and, since they all view using “government” as the way to ensure liberty (a self-contradictory position),  they do not even consider it the “highest political means.”

Liberty isn’t something that needs to be meddled with by way of “legislation.” There’s no “political ritual” or anything else which needs to be performed in order to achieve freedom. All that needs to be done is let people be free.


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