Nationalists Call for Violence in Response to Free Expression

The Bellamy Salute

Fox News recently aired a story briefly detailing what people are calling the Eric Sheppard challenge, which entails dancing or walking on the United States flag.
Fox & Friends posted the clip on their facebook with the caption  “A sick new challenge is going viral…”

I found it amusing that they called it sick. Then I read the comments and the tragic irony hit me like a 20 ton swastika.

There were a handful of nationalists, quite a few actually, calling for the arrest of individuals  partaking in this activity, and one even went so far as posting a link to 18 United States Code 700: Desecration of the flag of the United States, as if politician scribbles could actually make dancing on a flag a crime, or changes that they are advocating violence on people for dancing on a flag. Many others either implied violence, or outright said they would slap or otherwise hit or attack them.

Obviously someone running up and beating the tar out of someone for dancing on a flag, their own property, in such a manner is assault and a violation of the individual’s right to freedom of expression, freedom from coercion, etc, and the people saying they would do that are plain thugs. At least they are honest and open about their violent ways, however.

The statists and rabid nationalists seem to think “arrest” is not violent- some of them say they dont advocate violence but think they should be arrested and deported.

To understand the implications of such propositions, and the reality of the matter here when it comes to “arrest,” we would need to ask, “What does arrested mean?”  to which the answer is: to seize someone; to take someone into custody; a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion; etc.
Then, we may need to ask “what does that entail factually; how is it manifested in physical reality?”

Clearly, this implies the use of force by nature, for how else will they get them to stop? Try to persuade them? Then where is the arrest? Arrest, control, govrerning, etc., are manifested by the use of physical force, or violence.

The only time any “arrest” by “law enforcement” is not violent is when the one being commanded obeys, but the entire action/interaction is backed by threat of violence for disobedience. That is what “being arrested” is: being forcibly controlled by another individual (in this case).

Trying to persuade them through discussion could be fine, as long as it stops there, but we all know “police” do not simply talk to you, try to persuade you with reason or even emotional appeals,  and leave you alone if you do not wish to obey them.

Everyone pretty much knows that “arrested” means you are taken to a cage, by force, against your will, and violence is done to you if you disobey; that the state uses violence to control people.

Now, sometimes using force is justified, such as in the case of stopping murder, stopping someone from initiating force, etc.

In this case, however, no force has been threatened by the people dancing on the flag. No property other than their own has been destroyed or soiled.
No one’s rights have been violated by these individuals dancing on a flag.

Therefore,  calling for the “arrest” of these individuals results in advocating the initiation of violence upon non-violent people, who have done nothing but exercised their inherent rights.

The “law” is irrelevant, though it might be worth it to mention that such a proposal is clearly in contrast to the very spirit and essence of the very “First Amendment” of their own State constitution, which the Fox audience claims to hold so dear!

So, here’s a message to those who would have people “arrested” for dancing on a flag:
To any of you brainwashed fascists who say these people should be arrested for this, or have in any way advocated violence against these people for doing this: you are no friend of liberty. You should go somewhere your ideas could be appreciated, like North Korea, before you start running around clubbing and caging your neighbors for dancing on flags.
Get ahold of yourselves. Speak plainly, fascists. Say it out loud: “I think these people should be forced into a cage for dancing on my sacred symbol.”
Say “I think these people should have violence done to them for dancing on my sacred magic rag.”

Because that is exactly what youre saying when you say these people should be “arrested” for this.
Admit you have no regard or respect for the individual’s right to freedom of expression or your “First Amendment,” because you don’t.
Perhaps it’s time you reassessed your political beliefs, because at the point you advocate jailing for the exercise of what you yourself consider first amendment rights, you stand squarely with the Fascists.
The only explanation besides suffering from the inherently contradictory belief in Government is that you don’t recognize the individual’s right to freedom of expression when it comes to disrespecting your Government and political masters, which means you don’t recognize it at all.

Brainwashed nationalists. Your only saving grace is that you are a victim of State propaganda and probably have no idea what you are actually calling for.

Redblood Blackflag


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