Barack Obama: Patron Saint of Sheep

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individal ignorance.” -H.L Mencken


This quote rang loud as a liberty bell in my mind the other day when in response to the hypocrisy and contradictory nature of Obama’s past comments on marriage, a statist said “as an elected president, he has a duty to represent the will of his constituents.”

First of all, politicians have absolutely no “duty” to you. Statists need to stop kidding themselves.

Second, this shows how utterly absurd the entire belief in “Democracy” is. It’s as if Obama is saying “I just kind of go along with what everyone else says,” and the Democrats are acknowledging this, shouting “our great leader, the kind that follows everyone else!”

And what of Obama’s hypocrisy? What of his political pandering and bumbling dialogue to the supporters of the “traditional” institution of marriage?
Apparently, the “majority” and it’s leader are seen as inherently noble and righteous, and excused when they act in less than noble ways, or desire less than noble outcomes. The most devout Democrat will openly say that the majority should rule regardless of ethical implications, in fact that neither ethics nor morality are consequential or relevant, yet their rule is somehow justified by virtue of outnumbering the dissenters.

At the same time they say democracy is necessary due to the diversity of individuals, and in fact extol individualism and cultural diversity, they proclaim that the individual should sacrifice their uniqueness, the ultimate source of diversity, and replace it with the will of the majority.

Amidst the vibrant cultures which come together in the region they call the United States of America, overflowing with different languages, histories, and frames of reference, Democrats are positive that everybody else knows what’s best for them.

I have no doubt they will get the Government they deserve.
Now, if they would just leave the rest of us alone.

Redblood Blackflag


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