Statism is a dangerous belief.

This is taken from the front page of


They “found” it, as if it were lost in their files or something.

The Statists actually tend to believe the so-called “Supreme Court” GAVE them the right to be married.
Ask any average Statist if gay people had the right to marry just two weeks ago. They will most likely say no, which is the main problem with this entire belief, and why they keep running in circles.
They believe their rights are created and destroyed according to the State’s whim.
This puts them in the insane position of saying that gays (or blacks during “legal” slavery, for that matter) were not having their rights violated by fact that the “law” did not allow for same-sex couples.

That is the underlying problem with believing “Government” grants you your rights: if “Government” is the source of your rights, then “Government” can strip your rights; if our rights change with the whim of the “Legislature,” then they can simply declare you to have no rights, and your enslavement is rightful.

Obviously gays had the right to be married before the so-called “Supreme Court” said they did, so, in a way, if this ruling is anything more than a propagandist’s bribe to placate the well-meaning but misled dissenters who still worship “Authority,” they did “find” people’s right to be married, but only in the sense that they, the “legislators,” realized “Oh, hey, people have the right to enter into voluntary relationships. What a revolutionary thought!”

Of course, that’s most likely just wishful thinking. These fascists either don’t care about your liberty or are so brainwashed that they’re dangerous either way, since they think your rights come and go at their whim.

So, what? If the so-called “Supreme Court” for some reason decides to go back on it’s ruling, gays won’t have the right to be married anymore?

Statism is a dangerous belief.


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