The double standard of “Authority.”

Lots of people say things like “these cops think they are above the law!” or “Congress should have to get Obama-care, too!”

They seem to notice that there is something amiss, implying that there are two different standards, or “sets of rules” for the “Government” and “regular people,” i.e., everyone else. They then, however, proceed to advocate “Government” make “Government” follow it’s own rules, or the same set of rules as everyone else.

The simple fact of the matter is that “Authority” cannot logically be held to the same standard as the people it subordinates. It is inherently an antagonistic relationship between ruler (Authority) and ruled (subject). If “Authority” were held to the same standards as everyone else, i.e., if it were meant to abide by the same moral code, it would not, by definition, be “Authority.” “Authority” could not enforce anything upon anyone else which the others could not enforce on “Authority,” I.e., only voluntary agreements would be possible, and force would only be possible (according to the arrangement) in self defense. Putting aside the logistical absurdity of it for a moment, what do you think “Government” would say if you set about “taxing” them?

Further, any time an individual no longer consents, the relationship would be terminated, but this is entirely contrary to the nature of “authority,” as the very concept implies that it is solely up to “authority” to decide when the relationship is to be terminated, ergo the relationship is Involuntary; not consensual. “Authority” naturally carries with it a double standard which results in one individual or group becoming a subject/class, and another individual or group violently dominating them.

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