Unwitting Anarchist Heretics

“I don’t feel I need ‘Government.’ I do feel I need a ruler, even if that ruler is none other than myself.” -Statist

This shows the general confusion and obfuscation of what a State (Or “Government”) actually is. To “Govern” is to “rule,” so this comment is a tautology in a sense: “I Dont need a ruler, but I need a ruler…”

This person was a “Libertarian,” though, so they continued on with the addition of “even if that ruler is none other than myself.”

Now, to a Statist, this is indeed a heretical thought, even a “Libertarian” statist, as they all share the belief that it is a moral imperative to forsake their own conscience for the commands of “Authority,” even though this is impossible, for we all use our own judgment, no matter how flawed it may or may not be.

My question was “Well who else would you think it should be? Someone else?”
Even if he were to answer that someone else should rule him, it does not change that in the end, he “rules himself,” and his statement that he feels he needs a “ruler” – be it himself or someone else- is itself an exercise of “self rule.”
This is, of course, the essence of the belief in Authority: that someone else should, and has the right to rule you.

He attempted to distinguish this from anarchy, which would be “no rulers,” not even himself over himself, apparently. So I suggested we consider anarchy to be “self-rule,” or “self-government,” since that is the furthest logical reduction (which does not result in suicide o.O).

Even the most “libertarian” statist still has this contradiction and slave-mentality, though they might have done well battling the idea when it comes to other things. In the end, all Statists share the same fundamental belief: that they must forsake their own conscience and obey “law,” because if not, everyone would be “ruling themselves,” and that MIGHT be “bad” because “humans are dangerous.”
Ultimately they are not fundamentally different than any other Statist.

I also asked who decides what he thinks is ethical, and he answered that he himself does. Anarchist heretic!


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