Diary of a Dissident; Live, Tonight: Adam Kokesh on Anarcho-Povich (10-31-16)

Everyone is concerned with Adam Kokesh’s private life lately.

People are saying the stuff his ex-girlfriend is saying are going to ruin his chances to be “president” in 2020. Yeah, right. You basically have to be a scumbag to even be considered for “president.”
Aside from that, who cares?
People can’t seem to stop worshiping celebritarians.

Still looking for a leader?

It’s interesting to see all of this gossip surrounding these events as if Kokesh was thought the be the savior in 2020. I suppose it sucks when a “hero” of yours turns out to be something of a scum.
They’re saying this hurt the “liberty movement.”
Which one is that? The one where people complain about the State on Facebook, stand around in the street and wave flags? “Vote” for some delusional maniac or hapless tool and beg to be set free?

Do you think everyone in the “liberty movement” is a saint?
Did you miss the memo explaining how a state is a terrorist organization?
Who gives a shit about Adam Kokesh being president in 2020?
As soon as he ascends to the holy chambers of state, he should probably be strung up like the rest of them.
The “liberty movement” at times seems to have the same cult of personality issues that communism has. Maybe they’re still looking for “something more.” That great big guarantee in the sky that will protect them from “the bad guys.”

Maybe he’s the descendant of Lenin, grown and conditioned in a State lab, released to control the opposition. It’s possible. He looks like a Lenin.

Kokesh is j
ust another guy. It doesnt take a genius to realize the state is a terrorist organization. Kill your heroes and you’ll never be disappointed.


Redblood Blackflag.





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