Diary of a Dissident: Selected Subversion No. 1 (10-31-16)

Selected Subversion is a collection of random thoughts I have had and comments I have made in discussions which I feel stand well on their own.

 Government is the opposite of freedom.


Imposing a monopoly on the administration of justice is inherently unjust.


We need more bad cops. Cops that fail at their “duty” of “law enforcement,” and do not enforce the politician’s nonsense commands. Bad cop = good person.


The state is not accountable to the citizens. When this happens it is a fluke of “procedure,” or outright propaganda. in the end the state decides whether it is “accountable,” e.g. Owes some “citizen” damages, broke it’s own “laws,” etc.


Limited government is an oxymoron, though you can, in reality, “limit the state” by force. The State is the gang/instiution manifested by human behavior due to their belief in Government. Government implies authority. Authority implies unlimited, essentially.


“The Government isn’t omnipotent…” -“minarchist.” Anarchy wins again.


“Viva Democracy!” -Republican voters


Only two types of people like tariffs: communists and nationalist socialists. Just kidding. They’re the same.


Communists don’t seem to actually believe people are entitled to the product of their labor. If they did they would advocate the homestead principle.


Slavery is the ultimate form of Government.


If you believe your rights come and go according to the laws of Government, you already believe you are a slave.


Communism is equality, in the sense that everyone is everyone else’s slave.


“A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for change that will make America great again.” -some commercial. They literally just repeat the same shit over and over. Yeah, ok Donnie Obama, vote for you and everything will be great. A future you can believe in. Heard that before. Your propaganda is bad and you should feel bad.


Redblood Blackflag.


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