Diary of a Dissident: Selected Subversion No. 2 (11-6-2016)

Here’s the issue: there is a gang of crooks calling themselves Government who basically take everyone’s money, tell them what they can and cant do, throw them in cages if they disobey, even if they don’t hurt anybody, use their stolen money to murder people all over the planet, etc., etc. I’m against that.


Slavery was never abolished. They just call it “income tax” now.


People say our current technological marvels are due to the State’s massive funding and it’s alleged “fostering of an environment which incentivizes innovation.” States don’t fundamentally change and they have nothing to do with human innovation or ingenuity. States are an ugly parasite which hold humanity back by leeching from everyone.
Individuals innovate. I bet I could be pretty “innovative” if I had practically unlimited resources, which I take from everyone else.

Employment is not coercion. If you were out in the wilderness, with no “capitalists,” you’d still have to work or starve. Someone offering you something in trade for your labor is not coercion.


“In anarchy” there is a possibility you will be attacked. If there’s a “Government” running around it’s a guarantee they will attack someone.


If a politician is calling for it, you know it’s bullshit.
People are saying this recent “scandal” is hurting his chances to be “President.” I guess they haven’t been paying attention. You basically have to be a scumbag to even be considered for “President.”

Everyone should sign up for welfare and start avoiding taxes. Even if the State doesn’t go broke, the applications will at least bog them down.


If we’re not in anarchy, is Government? What Governs Government? Government’s Government? What governs Government’s Government?

I don’t live on your property, you don’t live on my property, and we do not jointly own any property. “We” do not own “the country,” and neither do the politicians.
You are not viewed to have the right to “revoke authority,” by definition, and the very nature of the concept. Authority means “the right to rule, command, etc.” To say you are “revoking authority” would be to say you are violating another person’s right to rule. The statement makes no sense due to the very concept, but also because no one can ever possibly have the right to rule another inherently.

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