Diary of A Dissident: Selected Subversion No. 3 (2016 U.S. Election Edition; 11-12-16)

Millions of people tried to elect Hitler Jr. last night. Millions of others succeeded.


The majority of “voters” pretty much elected Hitler.
Good job. They fell for the exact same propaganda, again… or, their beliefs are very, very similar to those of the Nazis.
Also, the communists.

To be somewhat “fair and balanced,” the Statists didn’t have much of a choice. They’re both basically spewing the same fundamental nonsense.
They miss the third option, though (honestly the “other” option, as all Statism is fundamentally the same)… anarchism.


At the very least, perhaps the Democrats will begin to lose their faith in Democracy.


Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote.


Facebook notified me that I have new “Representatives.” What is that nonsense? Who represents me? What? Sorry, you dont get to decide who represents me. No matter how many times you say it, it’s never going to make any sense, or be true.


One of my favorite and most used pieces of rhetoric is to ask Democrats if George Bush was their leader. They overwhelmingly say yes. The problem is they’re Democrats.


If Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc., were capitalists, “state” or otherwise, then there is no alternative to capitalism.


It’s different to say “has a right to do anything they want,” though. Anarchism as a philosophy has only one “rule,” which is “don’t rule others,” basically.
A statement of “I have the right to enslave whoever I like” would not really fit with anarchism as a philosophy, but that doesn’t mean people won’t/don’t enslave others. It’s anarchy out there.’

Refusal to vote is not blind inaction, ignorant, or naïve. We know that abstention doesn’t matter. We know the State will impose regardless of us not voting. That is our entire point. Refusal to vote can be the active manifestation of an ethical statement: I do not consent to or condone your insane circus.

Politics is like professional wrestling, and voters are the children who believe it’s real.

Voting is a non-issue. It’s a symptom. It would be like focusing your attention toward the people in the pews during the Spanish Inquisition.

Redblood Blackflag


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