Diary of A Dissident: Selected Subversion No. 4 (12-17-16)

If “taxation” is theft, and it is, then “Government” does not exist.
People have been saying it’s theft, but clearly aren’t fully realizing it.
Calling armed robbery “taxation” is a con. If they are “Government,” this implies they and their “taxes” are legitimate, thus not theft.

It can’t be theft if politicians are “Government/Authority,” because this implies they have the right to rule, and that “citizens” have a corresponding obligation to obey.
The fact that they are NOT “Government” is why “taxation” is theft (that and because the actions are the same, but the issue of the delusion of Government is that it literally leads people to view the same actions as being different ethically).

It’s not a slogan, it’s literally armed robbery, no different than if it were perpetrated by any other mob that you don’t call “Government.”


Immigration and emigration are both false concepts and improper to use in regards to human movement, since countries are false concepts and those words/ideas are entirely dependent on the concept of countries. The proper term would simply be migration.


As countries do not actually exist, that is, they are not legitimate property boundaries or constructs, there are no “immigrants,” only migrants who are being extorted.


If Hitler was a Fascist and Stalin was a Communist, I am an Anarchist.


The most greedy capitalists are communists.


The only way to avoid being a “wage slave” is by having your own means of production (assuming you will choose to ‘produce,’ as opposed to foraging, rummaging, or providing service for trade sans capital goods, if possible, etc). Would this be “capitalism” or “socialism” and why does it matter?
Most of what communists talk about is taking over “society.”
Only the ones who consider themselves anarchists even come close to advocating peaceful, voluntary production, co ops, etc, while leaving others be. Generally communism does not mean “worker owned production” in discourse, it means state control of production, which is what communism as a “political philosophy” always translates to in reality.


If you want to produce and serve and give it away for free that’s your prerogative and right. If you demand and threaten others do it then you’re enslaving them.


The “legalization” of cannabis isn’t much of a “step” toward liberty–  it’s more like spinning in circles in that people are accidentally correct and incoherently stumbling between freedom an slavery. People should not be threatened and caged for things which harm no one, but getting State permission in general is contrary to the very spirit of liberty. One does not need permission to exercise one’s rights, or to do that which harms or involves no one else.


However, it’s generally good that people won’t be extorted as much when it comes to that. However, “legal” is a false compromise as it still implies “state sanction” or “the state allows.”

The end result is similar, if not the same, but if the mind-state does not fundamentally shift, people will continue to oppress in other ways and call it “Government.”


Nobody wants to be forced against their consent. To say otherwise defies logic, as it is implied by the words and concepts of force and consent. It would be like saying “I want to be forced against my consent; even when I don’t want to be.”

We all essentially “believe” in the nap, at least regarding ourselves.


Government means “not a mafia” to statists, and pretty much in general.
We have realized what a state is- a state is a mob of terrorists.
But “Government” is the entity they hallucinate which accounts for their belief that the State is not a mafia.


You are entitled to the product of your labor, obviously. Anything else would be slavery. Who else should own what you produce?

Communists just don’t understand that other people made and traded for the things they use as an employee, and they too are entitled to the product of their labor.




Redblood Blackflag


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