You deserve nothing but to be free.

communism is slavery.jpg


A communist posted this pic in a group.

The things which enable a “comfortable life” (depending on what you mean, most likely) are very often the result of OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK.
Whether you say “capitalists” or “workers” are responsible for these amenities, if you say you “deserve” a “Comfortable life,” and proceed to name anything beyond picking wild berries or your OWN vegetables (things you yourself labor to create, etc.), then you are saying you deserve the product of other people’s labor.
This is not revolutionary for anarchists, who long ago came to realize communism is slavery.

You don’t deserve ANYTHING anyone else created. If you say you do, you’re advocating slavery.

You don’t deserve anything but to be left alone; to be free.

Communists want to eat your cake and have it, too.






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