Diary of A Dissident: Selected Subversion No. 6



  1. To “govern” is to rule, to rule is to control, so who “governs” you?
  2. Anarchism as a philosophy is not the same thing as anarchy.
    Whether an individual adheres to anarchism as a philosophy or not does not change that we exist in a state of perpetual anarchy, i.e. nothing is controlling “society,” there is no “rightful ruler,” etc.
  3. The problem is not “power,” or the literal physical ability to coerce, though that can be problematic. Perceived legitimacy is actually the entirety of the problem. “Government” is just the hallucination that violence is legitimate when “some people” do it, based on their belief in Authority. Without this belief States would not become so “powerful” to begin with.
  4. What’s the worst thing that could happen “in Anarchy?” A holocaust? Some gang trying to control you, like “Government?”
  5. You do not need legislation to have rights.
    You do not need legislation to enforce your rights.
    Legislation does not alter rights, or morality, etc.
    It is irrelevant aside from the case where “legislation” conflicts with rights, which it does inherently, as it implies it can by nature of the concept.
  6. Nobody “governs” you but you. Nobody possibly could.
    Even if a person threatens another with violence and demands they obey, as the people in “Government” and other crooks do, there is a choice. Statists and other “authority” worshipers choose to obey because they believe in “authority.”
    You have a choice, too, and you’re the only one who can make it.
  7. Every single statist wants the state to protect them. They see defense as extremely important, I’m sure.
    Every single statist who thinks they support free markets says they are against violence and monopolies.
    Every single statist supports a violent monopoly in defense,  and claims it’s the only way there can be “civilization.”
  8. Taxation is theft because
    1. The state does not own all the land in the “borders,” therefore has no right to dictate compulsory dues
    2. They dictate compulsory dues anyway, and take regardless of consent or usage. State advocates speak as if “high taxes” are theft, when the quantity is irrelevant to whether or not it’s theft. Do you call the firm with the higher priced commodity a thief? Of course not, because they don’t demand you buy and take regardless of your consent, like the state does. Do you say a person isn’t a thief if he only takes 50 cents without your consent? Furthermore, they speak as if their usage of state “services” has anything to do with taxes outside of propaganda. The state demands you pay before any services even exist to use, and continues to demand even if you don’t actually use it, e.g. “public school,” etc.
  9. The majority doesn’t vote, but these politicians won’t leave us alone.
  10. Voting isn’t actually a violation of the nap in reality, it’s just a superstitious cult ritual which results in people lining up and pushing buttons. Voters don’t actually threaten or do violence “in the world” unless they’re cops.
  11. Communists want to eat your cake and have it, too.



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