Diary of A Dissident: Selected Subversion No. 7

  1. The mercantilist policies favored by Trump clearly show that he wants to make England great again.
  2. Republicans: Nothing says “free market” like removing the competition by force.
  3. When you “vote for the anti-establishment,” and they win, they become the establishment.
  4. Republicans are saying Trump isn’t a politician, but he is now that they have made him one.
  5. Politicians and corporate elite tend to stick together. I highly doubt Trump, or anyone else, is going to arrest any politicians. They long ago mastered the art of propaganda, and hardly ever do they sacrifice one of their own. They don’t need to. No matter how corrupt, “the people” don’t ever actually do anything besides “vote.” It might happen, but highly unlikely.
  6. Citing one politician’s crimes does not abdicate another politician of theirs.  It’s one thing to point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats, it’s another to be a blind sheep who believes two wrongs make a right.
  7. Anarchy contains elements of both “chaos” and “order.”
    It’s not a guarantee “chaos won’t happen.”  It’s no a guarantee that people won’t be oppressed. Robbing people is not consistent with anarchism as a philosophy, but it doesn’t “stop anarchy” or mean “anarchy doesn’t exist.”
  8. I think it’s pretty creepy to have kids reciting allegiance pledges to “Government” regalia.
  9. At least lots of so-called “illegals” actually work, while politicians stand around signing papers about how you have to live your life.
  10. When it comes to “taxation,” “regulation,” and indeed, “immigration control,”
    The real question is does the state have the RIGHT to 1. charge compulsory dues 2. kick you off for not paying for things you never asked for, i.e. “tax.” If the answer is yes, then you are NOT the rightful owner. If the answer is no (which is my answer) then the State is a thief (which it is).
  11. Republicans by and large seem to have forgotten the real problem of the welfare state, and have been strung along to support these fascist blights on the face of individual liberty known as “tariffs” and “immigration control.”
  12. Republicans spent 8 years rambling on about how government is tyrannical, and now they worship it just the same, even as it’s increasing it’s control. They have a renewed faith in Democracy.
  13. After all the hype, you might think Trump would try to bring charges against Obama for violating the “U.S. Constitution,” human rights, etc., but the Republicans possess very short attention spans and have already moved on to committing their own crimes.
  14. “Libertarians” and “Minarchists” can be the worst.
    At least “democrats” and such start off believing “Government” is a great thing, inherently legitimate, etc. “Minarchists” spend most of their time railing against “Government,” then turn around and support it anyway.
  15. Anarchists believe that the initiation of force is illegitimate.
    No one has the right to use/threaten force in situations where initial force or fraud has not been used.

    Government/”law” IS force, backed by force, etc.
    Every “law” which threatens force on people who have not themselves threatened force or committed fraud is illegitimate.

    “Drug laws” are an easy example of this, but it goes all the way to down “taxation” itself, which is the threat of force to compel people to pay for ‘Government’ even if they do not want or use it.

    Government, as it is based on the initiation of force, is inherently illegitimate.

  16. State worshipers often say that large organizations are not possible without the government. Well, then I guess we don’t have to worry about anyone or any group getting too powerful and taking over.Their claim is actually false, but the inconsistency of their logic is the point here.
  17. Anarchy is not actually an option.
    An option implies there is another choice, but there isn’t.
    Anarchy is inescapable.

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