Limited Government Free Market Communists


Minarchists and Communists both seem to realize, to some extent or another, that “Government” is tyrannical– yet they also seem to believe that they can use “Government” to stop “Government” from being tyrannical.
First of all, believe that the State is so dangerous, so prone to corruption and abuse, that only a State can prevent corruption and abuse, be it by market actors, or the State itself, lest society descend into chaos, trade become impossible, etc.
As they tend to say that without a State there is situation prone to “perpetual war-” they feel it’s best to simply jump ahead to what they view is the crappy end result (“necessary evil”) of a crappy situation, apparently.
Second, they constantly say things about “getting back to conservative principles,” “getting back to limited government,” and “getting back to the constitution-” while acknowledging that the current “establishment” doesn’t even care about the principles of liberty or the constitution. Yet using the same political system, run by the same establishment which they recognize does not care about freedom or “proper procedure,” they believe they can affect significant change by playing along with the charade of democracy.
Because corrupt politicians care about who people vote for, I suppose. . .

On the other end, communists believe that the State, being a tool for “one class to oppress another,” can be infiltrated, taken over, by force at times, and a “new” State- a new “tool for one class to oppress another-” be “implemented,” though more like imposed, in order to carry out the will of the almighty, all-knowing, ever just “working class majority.”

Both of them continue to exist within the matrix of the belief in Authority. They both believe that Government is bad, or inefficient, or immoral- or at least they say they do- and then they both seem to turn around and advocate the very thing they say they’re out to stop.

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